The Big To Do

26 March 2009 § Leave a comment

I don’t like these lists. I am skeptical about their value. Having a list makes the things seem further off. It feels like I am setting myself up for disappointment. Well, I will soon be one disappointed fellow, because here it goes:

OK, so it’s a little cliche. But I want to go skydiving (and hot air balloon riding). I imagine the exhileration would be similar to the feeling of going over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on my motorcycle. Without the wheels.

Making love to a woman
Well, yes, I’ve done this. Nobody said it had to be something you haven’t done before. And even after I do it again, it will stay permanently etched on this list.

Write a novel
The bigger goal is to write prolifically. But it starts with the first one. Like the above, once it is completed, I suspect it will return immediately to the list.

Europe, in particular, Greece, Ireland, & Spain would all make exciting destinations.

Invent a new punctuation mark
Really. The world needs a new punctuation mark; the ones we currently have can only do so much: introduce a list, separate clauses, divide phrases, etc. I want – rather, need! – a punctuation mark that can adapt to our times. What good are these dusty symbols of yesteryear? Perhaps (I haven’t yet thought out the consequences of such a move) it could be a multi-tasking punctuation mark, capable of serving several functions. You & I deserve more out of our language than dried and shriveled punctation from ages past!



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