The Dome in St Petersburg for cheap food

26 April 2009 § 2 Comments

I miss my ultimate cheap diner. Firpo’s closed down years ago. It was a greasy spoon in Gainesville, Florida where I lived for eight years. For $2.99 you got a monster plate of scrambled eggs (the menu said two, but it usually looked more like half a dozen), at least an entire potato cut and fried, and the world’s largest pancake (it hung over the edges of a very large plate unto itself). For an extra fifty cents they’d add blueberries to that pancake. Open 24 hours!

But Firpo’s closed down, and, even if it didn’t, I no longer live in Gainesville. Now I live in Lakeland, but like to travel over to the Tampa Bay area, including St. Petersburg.

Open after the bars close, The Dome is a Greek restaurant that serves breakfast. Two over medium eggs, hash browns, and toast for only $3 and change. I know eggs are cheap. But that would cost some coin at Denny’s. And 69 cent coffee. I haven’t seen that anywhere since Starbucks came into existence. And no tips, as the place is self-serve. The food is prepared damn quick, too!


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§ 2 Responses to The Dome in St Petersburg for cheap food

  • Kelly says:

    First off, I found this site randomly 6 months or so ago and have been reading through it semi-frequently. You are an astounding writer and I love reading your work as well as opinions, recipes, music tastes, the whole shebang!
    I live in Lakeland also, so I feel complelled to comment now and praise your amazingness! I kinda feel like a stalker since I’ve been following your posts for so long without saying anything… I’m not (yet) though!
    Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading!

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