The Acropolis is a great people-watching spot

19 May 2009 § Leave a comment

The Acropolis Greek Taverna is a restaurant in Ybor City. Here’s their downloadable menu. While enjoying the fantastic food – and the napkins being thrown in the air and occasional plate crashing – you can choose to sit at the sidewalk tables. From here, you can see the strange creatures that inhabit the city with a strange first name and which is really part of Tampa: Ybor City.

The most prevalent businesses in Ybor City are cigar shops, bars, clubs, and restaurants. These are almost entirely on 7th and 8th Ave. The clubs are tailored to every niche group in the world, from goth to gangsta to gay cowboy. You can watch it all from behind your plate of saganaki (aka, flaming cheese).

You will see every economic class from the sidewalk in front of The Acropolis as well. The locals tend to be poor. When I first came to Ybor City in high school, the surrounding neighborhoods were said to be crack houses. Crime was ridiculously high. Since then, the city of Tampa has tried to rebrand Ybor as family friendly. They succeeded, in part, during the day hours.

But the cigar shops and some of the more exclusive bars/clubs also attract those with money. I’ve seen classic corvettes, even a lamborghini, drive down 7th ave.

Unfortunately, while sitting outside, you cannot partake in the exuberant napkin throwing going on within The Acropolis. But you can still hear the musician playing his mandolin inside.

There is plenty to do while you sip your pinot noir and wait for your salmon sandwich and greek fries (potato wedges with feta!) to arrive.


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