The Idea of Iowa City, IA v. Iowa City Itself

10 June 2009 § Leave a comment

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Religion from the University of Florida, I applied to around nine universities for graduate school. Only a third of those accepted me, and only one offered to pay my tuition, give me a job as a teaching assistant, and pay me a stipend.

I thought the city, and the state, might be boring, but I was there for an education, and UI offered a good one. I had never been to Iowa, and my impression was of a flat land with corn fields and pigs. What I found was a vibrant community (which still had its fair share of corn and swine).

I moved to Iowa City in 2002 and lived there for two years. I went through a semester and a half before leaving school, eventually changing majors to education and beginning my teaching career. Despite the fact that I no longer had a reason to be in Iowa City, the city still had much to offer. It had a large community of writers and poets, as well as traveling art and music events, from the art fair alongside the Iowa River to Jazzfest. Downtown was designed for easy ambulation, and although there were not many great restaurants, a few Indian and Thai places did the trick.



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