Week 8 Predictions

27 October 2009 § 6 Comments

One undefeated will fall; one winless team will win. Otherwise, business as usual:

Seattle @ Dallas 6-24 The Cowboys offense finally has a receiver, and Romo is playing like a star again. The defense is still questionable, but they should handle the Seahawks.

Houston @ Buffalo 34-14 The Bills hang tight in every game they play, and Houston is inconsistent enough to blow this one. Nevertheless, I’m thinking the Texans will handle this one. If Andre Johnson doesn’t play, however, this might go the other way.

St. Louis @ Detroit 19-15 The Lions will fight (or, not fight) for the right to yet another number 1 overall draft pick.

Denver @ Baltimore 24-28 OK. Denver is good. I’ve accepted that hard fact for weeks now. But they are not flawless. Orton has to be capable of a bad day. The Ravens will stuff the run, and force Orton into some mistakes late in the game.

NY Giants @ Philadelphia 33-17 Giants are coming off a 2 game losing streak, and the Eagles lost to the Raiders then barely beat the ‘Skins. This one is up in the air.

Miami @ NY Jets 23-20 The Dolphins have the potential to knock off any team; unfortunately for them, they also have the potential to lose to any team.

Cleveland @ Chicago 9-37 Nothing gets a team back on track like playing Cleveland.

San Francisco @ Indianapolis 13-34 The Colts continue kicking ass. What a bad week for Alex Smith to get back in the starting line-up.

Jacksonville @ TennesseeĀ 34-17 Vince Young’s luck is out. He might get the start, but not the win.

Oakland @ San Diego 30-20 Chargers are underperforming, and may not catch up to Denver, but they can handle the Raiders.

Minnesota @ Green Bay 13-17 This is a make or break game for the Packers. Not only will a win put them only 0.5 games out of first (a loss would put them 2.5 games down), but it will keep them in the thick of the wildcard race. I still hold that Rodgers has it in him to win the big game.

Carolina @ Arizona 13-31 The Cardinals looked to have competition in the West while the 49ers were playing well, but unless the Alex Smith redux works, the Cards might be able to run away with it.

Atlanta @ New Orleans 24-38 The Falcons need this one bad, but needing isn’t enough.


§ 6 Responses to Week 8 Predictions

  • annex50 says:

    Seattle @ Dallas 20-17. Seattle’s defense stinks and Miles Austin is on a roll.

    Houston @ Buffalo 17-13. Very tempted to pick the Bills since they are #2 against the pass (rating) which is Houston’s strength. But, the Bills have Jauron and Fitzpatrick.

    St. Louis @ Detroit 30-27. Shootout in Motown. Stafford brings back hope for the future to the decrepit Lions fans.

    Denver @ Baltimore 23-20. Of course, I will get this wrong since I never pick Denver to win or Baltimore to lose.

    NY Giants @ Philadelphia 27-24. Giants lose 3 straight due to poor pass defense.

    Miami @ NY Jets 20-17. Seems logical for the Dolphins to win since they won the last meeting and almost beat the best team in the league. But, who needs logic? The Dolphins will not be able to stop the hot dog stuffer this week.

    Cleveland @ Chicago 16-6. Cutler still struggles but a win is a win. Forte continues his fantasy bustness.

    San Francisco @ Indianapolis 24-13. This is actually a game that Peyton Manning struggles with. A solid pass defense who can apply pressure. However, the 49ers have Alex “I was only good because of Urban Meyer” Smith, Vernon “Crybaby” Davis, and Michael “Moneybags” Crabtree.

    Jacksonville @ Tennessee 28-27. Titans lose a heartbreaker to the Jags. Vince Young will bring some hope to the stupid redneck Titans fans but this will be the one and only game he performs adequately.

    Oakland @ San Diego 41-3. Why the hell David gave the Raiders 20 points is beyond me. Maybe he was thinking of Jamarcus Russell’s rating.

    Minnesota @ Green Bay 31-20. Rodgers throws a pick-6 on the potential game-winning drive.

    Carolina @ Arizona 27-10. Jake Delhomme.

    Atlanta @ New Orleans 41-27. This will be a fun game to watch but the Saints have an unstoppable offense and a capable defense.

  • dedalus9 says:

    If Stafford and Johnson play, I’m changing my pick to Detroit over St. Louis, and will edit my entry accordingly. I’ll check back in a few days.

  • annex50 says:

    Will you hold true to your comment above? Stafford and CJ played!

  • dedalus9 says:

    me this week: 9-4; you: 8-5
    For the season:
    me: 80-36 (69%)
    you: 65-51 (56%)

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