The Toilet Bowl Predictions

8 December 2009 § 2 Comments

With four weeks to go, I thought it might be a good time to predict the playoff positions and their results. Then I realized the exercise was entirely pointless, even if mindlessly relaxing. Furthermore, none of my teams were in it. So instead, here are my predictions for the toilet bowl playoffs. I took division bottom-dwellers and seeded them in reverse order based on their records. Plus, the highest seed always has to play on the road. Losers advance. Losers are bolded.

Round 1
Kansas City (4-12) @ Miami (6-10)
Houston (7-9) @ Oakland (5-11)

Round 2
Cleveland (2-14) @ Oakland
Buffalo (4-12) @ Kansas City

AFC Failureship Game
Cleveland @ Buffalo

Round 1
Tampa Bay (2-14) @ Carolina (5-11)
Washington (4-12) @ Seattle (5-11)

Round 2
St. Louis (1-15) @ Seattle
Detroit (2-14) @ Tampa Bay

NFC Failureship Game
St. Louis @ Detroit

Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills (to be played in Tampa)

Final score: Lions 11, Buffalo 15


§ 2 Responses to The Toilet Bowl Predictions

  • annex50 says:

    If you made that toilet seat, that is sad especially since you didn’t return my texts or email this week! Also, your predictions are horsepoop! The Bills will prove you wrong by defeating the Chiefs this week. The Browns are better than the Super Bowl champs now. And, you only put the Bills in the Bowl so they could “lose” again. Thanks a lot.

  • dedalus9 says:

    lol….you’re on to me.

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