Brackets! Rd. 3

24 March 2010 § 6 Comments

We’re down to the Elite Eight! Time to pick the winners of each division. In the Final Four round, Classic will battle Contemporary and 80s will face 90s!

3. Pink Floyd vs 1. The Beatles

4. Bruce Springsteen vs 3. U2

8. Nine Inch Nails vs 3. Pearl Jam

5. Iron & Wine vs 3. The White Stripes

TO VOTE, pick your winners in the comments section! VOTING closes on Sunday!


Pink Floyd


The Beatles


Bruce Springsteen




Nine Inch Nails


Pearl Jam


Iron & Wine


The White Stripes


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§ 6 Responses to Brackets! Rd. 3

  • dedalus9 says:

    My vote:

    Classic Champ – The Beatles OK, so The Beatles basically owned the classics category. I considered long and hard about Simon & Garfunkel, and I may have thought for a bit about Led Zeppelin (who were eliminated in round 1). But neither of those bands was able to change, experiment, and create more original music than The Beatles. Pink Floyd, while crafting intellectually intriguing concept albums (unlike the pile of shit that is The Who’s Quadrophenia), can’t really rival the sheer auditory scope that is The Beatles’ catalog.

    80s Champ – U2 Yes, yes. I know. Tthey’ve become one of the cheesiest bands ever since the 80s, essentially sacrificing their art in favor of pop-success (even if Bono uses that success to save children with AIDS, it doesn’t make the music good). It is hard to ignore Boy, October, War, The Unforgettable Fire, and Joshua Tree – all from the 80s. And Achtung Baby, from 91, cemented them permanently in the halls of superstardom (love that song “Acrobat”!) I’m more likely to listen to Springsteen today, who has stayed faithful to his unique songwriting sensibility. Springsteen’s rambling, American pastoral lyrics are an intriguing progression of America’s folk music legacy, but U2 wins my vote despite wasting the past twenty years with overproduced pop garbage due to the strength of their first five albums over their first ten years.

    90s Champ – Pearl Jam I can list about four songs by Nine Inch Nails which I appreciate. But, after downloading some of their songs from others, the vast majority of their music is nearly unlistenable. Perhaps I don’t have the requisite rage; or perhaps I just don’t like to look at it. I do, after all, include the visceral “Closer” as one of the songs I like by them. Pearl Jam, however, deserves a lot of credit. After Ten and Vs., they could have gone the way of U2 (see above). But instead, they shrunk away from their enormous success, and opted to shun purposefully all mainstream media for many years. The results were at first impressive – Vitalogy was quietly one of their best albums – and then less so – the experimental Binaural was only for diehard fans. But their albums have had a stunning consistency in quality, even if they were to never top the instinctive, driven sound of their debut and their masterpiece Ten.

    Contemporary Champ – The White Stripes By my thinking, only Arcade Fire could have given The White Stripes a run for their money in contemporary. I love Iron & Wine, especially their stripped down sound on such albums as the heartbroken The Creek Drank the Cradle. The Shepherd’s Dog showed off an Iron & Wine that might still be changing, as Sam Beam and company put a bit of production behind their sound with rich results. But The White Stripes are the chameleons of the new century, changing their sound frequently – sometimes even on the same album. Jack and Meg can strip the sound to a whisper or rock out with the power chords, but they seem most at home with heavy blues guitar riffs. Get Behind Me Satan may have been a strange album, but like some of the bands above, Jack White has a tricky relationship with fame. Like Dylan’s Self-portrait, he seemed to be distancing himself from his fans. He has had a few side projects (The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather), but, hopefully, The White Stripes will be back with a studio album soon (new live album – Under the White Northern Lights, or something like that – was just released).

  • annex50 says:

    I am being nice by responding to this bracket. Sara didn’t even vote in round 2. I think you need more input from your voters as far as candidate inclusion. We are really going to be “celebrating” David’s favorite artists…

    3. Pink Floyd

    3. U2

    8. Nine Inch Nails

    5. Iron & Wine

    • dedalus9 says:

      Sigh. Thanks for “being nice.” (Ironic quotes, right back at you!) Wasn’t looking for some comprehensive system, just passing the time.

  • Sara says:

    Ok, ok… so I forgot to vote in round 2! :-(

    I’m back for round 3, though!!

    1. The Beatles

    4. Bruce Springsteen

    3. Pearl Jam

    3. The White Stripes

  • Suzanne says:

    1. Beatles
    2. U2
    3. Pearl Jam
    3. White Stripes

    *note: I picked the same as Dedalus, because we both have great taste.

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