New TV Shows with Promise

14 July 2010 § 2 Comments

Which of these new TV shows coming in the fall looks best & worst to you?


No Ordinary Family

Hawaii Five-O

The Defenders

Outsourced (the racist comedy’s only funny because it makes fun of American inanity with equal fervor)

Running Wilde (which actually looks terrible, but has some hilarious previews)

Anything worth looking forward to?


§ 2 Responses to New TV Shows with Promise

  • annex50 says:

    Lonestar is not really an original idea except for the two-women part. We’ve seen the whole being living the fake, corporate life versus the desire to be “real” and to love.

    No Ordinary Family was intriguing until the super powers came into play.

    Hawaii Five-0? …

    Defenders looks like it might be watchable.

    Outsourced looks pretty funny. However, I don’t know why you made it seem like you had to defend your enjoyment of the “racist” comedy. Maybe you added that comment after your blog response about the Tea Party.

    Running Wilde seemed funny. Depends on the chemistry of the two leads.

    • dedalus9 says:

      I’m not sure how much hope I really have for any of them. Yeah, “Lonestar” lacked some originality. Including the lame name. “No Ordinary Family,” too. Both will come down to how well acted, directed, and scripted the shows are. (Even Shakespeare took unoriginal ideas and told them in startlingly original ways!)

      I thought “Defenders” would be terrible but surprisingly enjoyed Belushi in the preview.

      Given the quality of most new TV shows, I doubt there is anything in the group I’ll be watching come fall.

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