Geeking Out

17 August 2010 § 2 Comments

Writing. Studying philosophy. Preparing for the GRE. Applying and getting a new job. Paperwork that entails. Moving.

For the past few days, I decided, “Screw it.” I’m rocking out my new Madden ’11.

It’s time to get back to business, though, and what better way to honor my stunning virtual successes than resting on my laurels by indelibly publishing my achievements?

My Detroit Lions are 8-2 in the regular season. In the preseason, I played two games – one on rookie and one on pro. (I beat the Steelers 105-0.) I signed two free agents: Terrell Owens and John Henderson. The entire regular season has been on All-Pro with 3 rewinds. My favorite three plays: Strong Twins Off Tackle (be patient and follow your blockers); I-Form Pro Twins Slants (read the defense and you can usually either float or rocket it to the inside slant, with te as outlet); I-Form Pro Curls (lots of options for short yardage). Then, of course, you have to learn your receiver hot routes and know when to bomb it.

Bask in my glory:

W 48-24 at Bears
W 28-13 vs Eagles
L 16-23 at Vikings
L 19-20 at Packers
W 49-17 vs Rams
W 28-24 at Giants
W 42-7 vs Redskins
W 31-10 vs Jets
W 45-10 at Bills
W 31-24 at Cowboys

Matthew Stafford: 113.1 rating / 2526 yards / 24 td / 8 int / 159 of 256 for 62% / 9.8 avg / 253 avg per game

Jahvid Best: 117 for 906 yards and 11 td (7.7 avg, 91 per game) & 10 rec for 100 yards
Kevin Smith: 100 for 371 yards and 6 td (3.7 avg, 37 per game) & 8 rec for 50 yards

Calvin Johnson: 73 rec for 1338 yards and 15 td (18.3 avg, 134 per game)
Terrell Owens: 26 rec for 412 yards and 5 td (15.8 avg, 41 per game)
Brandon Pettigrew: 23 rec for 354 yards and 2 td (15.3 avg, 35 per game)
Nate Burleson: 10 rec for 219 yards and 2 td (21.9 avg, 22 per game)

Ndamukong Suh: 31 tack, 12 tfl, 8 sacks, 2 ff
Cliff Avril: 17 tack, 12 tfl, 9 sacks, 3 int, 1 ff
DeAndre Levy: 47 tack, 4 tfl, 1 int, 7 defl, 3 ff, 1fr



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